Success Stories

  • "Is there ever a time where you step foot into a chiropractor's office and felt at home? Have you ever felt so comfortable that your fear of doctors was left at the front door? I have at Chamblee Chiropractic Center P.C., the office of Dr. Robert Zarach. The first time I step foot into Dr. Zarach's office I knew right then and there that he would be my chiropractor for life. Why you may ask? Well, first off, the office manager is extremely friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. To me this is the most vital person in the office because she is the person that will tell you the story behind the office and the doctor. What blew me away was the doctor himself. He was exceptionally nice, friendly, funny, experienced, and great at what he does! He took his time and explained to me all my symptoms and gave me a thorough treatment plan. I couldn't have asked for more. So the next time you're out searching for the right chiropractor Dr. Zarach is definitely the one!"
    #1 MY
  • "This is the best chiropractor I have been to. From the moment I stepped into the office, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist who always smiles and makes me feel at home. The doctor is a real friendly guy and easy to talk to about your problems without any awkward embarrassments. Every time I come in for treatment I always have fun and look forward to every visit. Great staff, wonderful doctor, and a pleasure each and every visit!"
    #2 KN
  • "Nice communication between doctor and patient and a very friendly atmosphere! The doctor here answers and explains thoroughly to all of my questions, some doctors would only answers and explains only when they are asked. I like this office very much. We're almost like family!"
    #3 PL
  • "My experience with Chamblee Chiropractic Center P.C. has been outstanding! I enjoy every visit there. The hospitality of the staff and the doctor himself is unbelievable. They get you in and out of the office and Dr. Zarach's hilarious sense of humor makes you feel welcome and happy from the time you walk in till even after you leave. I have referred many of my friends and family here because of how great he is! He works magic on my many years of low back pain and I am now able to do more things with my family, I love it! I would recommend this office to anyone. He is truly the leader of Chiropractic!!"
    #4 LT
  • "It has been great being a patient at Chamblee Chiropractic Center P.C.. It's the best chiropractic center to go to. They treat you with respect and care. Any accident or injury you have, come to Chamblee Chiropractic Center P.C. with Dr. Zarach. A great doctor who is funny and caring. There's no better place!"
    #5 CL
  • "This chiropractic center offers a variety of services. They are able to massage, and also align your back to fit properly. After a car accident, I was able to be "nursed" back to health, and felt even better than I before the accident. I would recommend this chiropractor to anyone who needs it, but especially those suffering from accidents."
    #6 Wonders



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